This cabinet speaker is developed specially to meet the demand for cleanliness in certain environments such as production facilities for micro-electronics, pharmaceutical industry, photo industry and...


A high quality 5" ceiling-speaker with spring clamps for mounting specially fitted for clean room environments. The ceiling speaker is versatile, can be used in most installations, but especially in...


Our new improved mounting system makes this the most flexible 5” ceiling speaker DNH A/S has made. The hooks are changeable to set upside down, allowing up to 55mm on the ceiling thickness. The...


CAP-15 WCR(T) Is designed for clean room applications. The speaker is weatherproof to IP-55 as standard with the new and improved PA back lid on this model.


Water proof clean room speaker! Our model CR-6 is completely sealed and waterproof. The CR-6 is suitable for areas where cleaning procedures are critical, or where the humidity is high.


During all stages of our manufacturing and production process, a fully documented and approved Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001 is imposed to ensure the highest quality throughout.
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