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DNH horns range from small, discreet miniatures to high power, high output alarm horns. Irrespective of your application, whether outside a factory or on a naval vessel, DNH manufacture a product that is designed for harsh environments with excellent performance.

Explosion Proof

Explosion-Proof loudspeakers from DNH are rigorously designed, tested and globally certified to provide high performance in potentially explosive atmospheres. Available in lightweight plastic or rugged die-cast aluminium, DNH has been the world leader in hazardous area loudspeaker manufacture for over 60 years.


DNH projectors are highly directional loudspeakers. The range is especially designed for applications such as railways and airports. The high sensitivity and extended frequency range make these models well suited for public address systems and background music.


DNH cabinets are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs. They are easy to install and terminate and provide excellent voice and background music reproduction for a wide variety of architectural environments. Encompassing the rugged vandal-resistant SAFE-m6, the award-winning CP 66 and the unique low profile TRIC-6 amongst others, the DNH cabinet range has a product for every application.


With over twenty models to choose from, DNH ceiling loudspeakers range from a simple 6 watt unit to a 60 watt music loudspeaker. With a variety of easy and clever ways to be installed, they are available in varied sizes and materials. These ceiling loudspeakers are highly versatile and can be used for background music, public address and, where certified, EN 54-24 emergency systems.

Clean Room

DNH clean room speakers were developed specifically not to shed particles to meet the strict requirements for dust-free environments such as production facilities for micro-electronics, pharmaceutical industry, photo industry and laboratories.


Column loudspeakers from DNH combine great design, practical installation, and great sound. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with multiple applications such as public places, rail and airport terminals, churches, conference rooms and sport arenas.

Music Masters

The powerful output of these wide range loudspeakers will provide great voice and music coverage over large areas. The DNH music master range is the ideal solution for sports arenas, fitness centers, shopping malls and more.

EN 54-24

With a wide variety of products, the DNH EN 54-24 certified range offers a loudspeaker suitable for all installations applications. For use in EN-54 fire detection and fire alarm systems, the loudspeakers are all tested and certified specifically to EN-54 part 24.

Junction Box

The DNH weather-proof junction is manufactured with six M20 threaded entries, earth continuity plate and 2.5 mm loop in/out terminals. They are supplied with four M20 blanks and three M20 cable glands. An Ex-e hazardous area version is also available to complement the range of DNH explosion-proof loudspeakers.


DNH manufacture the unique Aqua-30, which is a completely sealed loudspeaker designed for underwater applications. Rated at 30W/8 ohm, it is constructed from blue plastic. The Aqua-30 is ideal for applications such as synchronized swimming, diving courses, hotels, leisure parks and other special applications such as test laboratories.


EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certified loudspeaker range. New product range has been launched for the new Maritime standard for Europe. It is a wide range from cabinet, ceiling to outdoor horn loudspeakers and even Explosion proof equipment.
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