An extensively certified bi-directional speaker made from aluminium. Used for cabins, hallways, etc. in hazardous areas. This variation is delivered with a wall mounting base.
Conformité Européenne
ATEX Certified
IECEX Certified
INMETRO Certified
Material/Color Aluminium / Anodized
Mounting Foot bracket
Termination e-chamber / Screw terminal
Weight 3 kg
IP Rating IP54
Min/Max amb temp -20 °C / 40 °C
Rated power 6 W
SPL 1W/1m: 90 db
SPL Rated Power 97 db
Effective freq. Range 160 - 16000 Hz
Dispersion (-6dB) 1kHz / 4kHz 200° / 40°
Options Impedance / Label
CAREEX-6(T) frequency graph

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