If the speaker is used for fire and emergency announcement, it must comply with EN54-24. The DNH loudspeaker SAFE-561-54(T) is tested and certified according to EN54-24.
Conformité Européenne
BV Certified
MED Certified

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This 6W plastic miniature loudspeaker is marine grade IP67 weatherproof rated. Suitable for outdoor installations. Complete with termination chamber. EN 45545-2 compliant. Can be delivered as a moulded model to withstand high pressure jetting IP 69K.


High powered driver in aluminum. Suitable for alarms that are to cover large areas. The audio specifications listed are for the driver in combination with DNH’s DH-50 flare.


10W plastic IP55 rated cabinet speaker fitted with separate internal compartment for electronic components. Often used in indoor applications and bathrooms on ships. Safe10P-54(T) is tested and certified according EN54-24


If the speaker is used for fire and emergency announcement, it must comply with EN 54-24. The DNH loudspeaker VES-561-54(T) is tested and certified according to EN 54-24.


This versatile 25W Ex plastic horn speaker is light in weight and features a spacious connection chamber of protection type ‘e’. It has dual M20 entries in the back lid for easy cable mounting and supports loop in loop out as standard. The model has extensive certification qualifying it for use in nearly all corners of the world. The model can be ordered with different transformers for more choices of power tappings and power ratings.


6W ceiling-speaker with secure screw mounting. The ceiling speaker is versatile, being used in most installations for public address anouncements .
Material/Color Steel / RAL9010
Mounting 4 screws
Termination Ceramic terminal
Weight 1.2 kg
IP Rating IP32C
Min/Max amb temp -20 °C / 90 °C
Rated power 6 W
SPL 1W/1m: 90 db
SPL Rated Power 97 db
Effective freq. Range 100 - 13000 Hz
SAFE-561-54T-MED frequency graph

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