Specially designed loudspeaker made with components and materials that can witstand hot and humid environments.
Conformité Européenne
UKCA Certified

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The GMD-60T is weatherproofed to IP 66 for external mounting for example in gardens and exposed eating areas. The stylish curved cabinet is delivered with a two way element to achieve high quality sound.


High power. 50W plastic low profile cabinet speaker. Simple installation. Ideal for use in speech and background music applications. This wall mounted unit is suitable for use in rail stations, airports, waiting rooms, offices, educational establishments and retail outlets.


6W plastic bidirectional corridor speaker. Simple to install and suitable for many applications . The speaker is ideal for public address and background music systems.


5" 6W BS5839 Part 8 VA compliant metal cabinet speaker complete with ceramic terminal block and thermal fuse. 1st fit 2nd fit mounting arrangement, to allow full circuit test before final connection. Can be glanded for side entry or into the rear of the unit for discreet cabling. The speaker also has low profile for wall mounting safety and additional protection to achieve IP55


6W plastic projector. PS-6 is made in polyamide material and represents an alternative to the aluminium projectors.PS-6 is non-corroding and weatherproof to IP-56. PS-6 is delivered with cable as standard.


6W low profile plastic cabinet speaker. It has an unique design and shape. The height is no more than 38mm. Tric-6 can be used in various areas for high quality speech or background music.
Material/Color Plastic / Black
Mounting 4 screws
Termination Ceramic terminal
Weight 0.93 kg
IP Rating IP33
Min/Max amb temp -30 °C / 125 °C
Rated power 6 W
SPL 1W/1m: 86 db
SPL Rated Power 93 db
Effective freq. Range 150 - 11000 Hz
Dispersion (-6dB) 1kHz / 4kHz 160° / 70°
Options Color / Impedance / Label
BLC-550 (T) SAUNA frequency graph
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